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We offer full demolition and decommissioning as well as partial demolition or interior deconstruction of your structure or building. We have all the machinery and equipment suitable for demolishing everything from a large commercial demolition, industrial demolition to rural barns or home demolition. Our demolition services in Darwin will get the job done with our Bobcat machinery which includes excavators, mini-excavator, cranes and wrecking balls, bulldozers, jack hammers and elevated work platforms. At Darwin Excavations our demolition contractors will conduct a site assessment on your property to determine the best course of action while taking into account neighboring properties and environmental impact.

Our experts will put together a detailed demolition plan using accurate measurements so that nothing is left to guess work. We conduct sensitive partial demolition projects while ensuring that the surrounding structure remains intact.We take pride in being the best demolition contractors in Darwin taking care of everything from site clean ups including the removal of rubble and debris. You can be confident that your project is in capable hands. Call us for a free quote today.

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bacnkhoe removing debris from site
industrial demolision using heavy excavation machines

Pool Removal

Save money on maintaining your unused swimming with our pool removal services. Many of our clients who require pool removal may do so because they are redesigning their outdoor spaces or are selling their property. Removing your pool may increase the number of potential buyers making your home easier to sell. Our demolition experts in Darwin will have your pool professionally drained by drilling holes into the bottom of the pool. We will then remove all concrete and tiles by demolishing the surface of the pool.

Next we will fill the vacant area with rubble and soil, including a layer of compacted topsoil so that you are left with firm, even ground. If you wish to renovate your pool with a new design idea take advantage of our partial pool demolition services. Don’t forget to ask about our above ground pool removal services for the best demolition services at affordable rates. Protect yourself against poor workmanship and incomplete jobs by hiring a professional demolition company you can trust. Call our team of friendly experts for a free quote for getting your pool removed today.

demolision of old industrial site

Home Demolition

Home demolition in Darwin is one of our most asked for residential demolition services requested by property developers looking to rebuild homes from scratch. The reasons could be that the building has become too old or dangerous to occupy or that the environmental conditions have become hazardous. Darwin Excavations takes care of all the required steps starting with a building inspection followed by acquiring the necessary permits.

Our team will check for underground cables and pipelines as well as disconnecting all utilities. We will tear down the house according to your requirements and the demolition plan specifications whether it be interior deconstruction, partial demolition or full demolition. Our high tech equipment and tools will make quick work of bringing down any house safely and easily. We will take care of council approval as well as rubble removal and waste management after the demolition so that you don’t have to. Call us for a site assessment and a free quote today.

man doing manual demolishing work