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Darwin Excavations has been conducting excavation and demolition projects in Darwin, NT for many years. A reputable excavation company that you can trust, we will take care of all your excavation and demolition projects at affordable prices. Our team of technicians together with our state of the art equipment will ensure that your property is in skilled and capable hands from start to finish. We will complete a full site assessment on your property taking accurate measurements of the excavation site, addressing safety concerns and limited access areas.

As a leading demolition company in the Northern Territory we have in depth knowledge of the local terrain and weather patterns. We will take care of all site prep and tidy up after we’re done. We will conduct dirt removal, removing all waste and rubble leaving your commercial or residential property ready for construction. Give us a call to book an early appointment today.

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contractor preparing plans for demolition
collecting concrete after digging


Selecting a demolition company you can trust can be a difficult decision to make. Demolition requires careful planning to ensure no damage occurs to the neighboring property, staff or local wildlife. As the professional earthworks and demolition experts in Darwin we take all the necessary steps such as proper site prep and planning to ensure a smooth operation. This also guarantees you quick council approval so that your demolition can begin right away.

We conduct demolitions for both commercial and residential properties. Our contractors will drive out to remote or rural areas to carry out your demolition. Our fleet of reliable and well maintained machinery include varying sizes of Bobcats, a Toyota skid-steer loader and a Kubota compact excavator. Our highly trained operators are highly skilled and have a reputation of service excellence in Darwin. Give us a call to book a site assessment for a free quote today.

Site Cuts

As the experienced site contractor in Darwin you can rely on Darwin Excavations to ensure an accurate and clean site cut. Site cut Darwin requires careful planning due to soil types and weather patterns. Our skilled team will take care of everything from the site plan and site prep to rock drilling, earthmoving and rubble removal. We also cover site fills and land grading. We offer specialized machinery for reaching limited access areas as well as trained operators to safely carry out the task according to the site cut plan.

heavy bulldozer levelling soil earthworks

We are fully equipped to take on industrial and commercial site cuts, civil works, as well as residential and rural site cuts. Whether it is bulk excavation, basement excavation, pool excavation or hydro excavation we promise excellent service at affordable rates. Get in touch with us to find out more about tip truck hire Darwin and our other site cut services today.

excavating old pool excavation machines


Trenching refers to the process of excavating holes that are deeper than they are wide.This is a sensitive procedure that requires strategic planning as well as the correct skills and tools to ensure that no accidents such as landslides and cave-ins occur. Are you in the middle of a building renovation or landscaping project and require laying of cables or post hole digging? Then our skill and expertise are what you need for quality workmanship.

Our excavating contractor will lay your foundations, dig your crossing or drainage trench while carefully following safety protocols and council regulations. We have all the tools and safety mechanisms needed for swift and professional work. We have a history of service excellence digging trenches for the laying of pipes, conduits and cables in Darwin. Give us a ring to find out more about our affordable prices and to book a site assessment for a free quote today.


old house being demolished by large backhoe


We will demolish any structure or building that has been approved for demolition. We are the specialist demolition company to call for concrete removal, home demolition and pool removal. If you’re interested in renovating your pool we offer partial pool removal services. As a demolition contractor that takes care of it’s clients we only consider our job complete after site clean ups are done leaving you with a fresh area.

light bobcat machines preparing soil removal

Bobcat Hire

There is no project too big or too small for our versatile and efficient Bobcat machinery. Our services include experienced and licensed professionals who will do all the heavy lifting. Need machinery that can pass through tight spaces or work in underground environments? Our mini-excavator is perfect for limited access areas. Let us take the hassle out of your landscaping or earthmoving project. Call us for Bobcat hire Darwin today.

soil surface being checked by engineer civil works

Site Cuts

Our site cut engineers have all the local knowledge and expertise you need for sensitive site cut and fills in Darwin. Need a new landscape design? Take advantage of our pool excavation or pool removal services. We also offer soil removal and concrete removal services. Whatever your requirements we have got you covered with the latest equipment and technology so that you can have the best results. Give us a call today.

excavation machine doing trenching works


Darwin Excavations offers a comprehensive range of professional and quality trenching services at affordable rates. We take care of sensitive jobs such as cable trench digging, post hole digging and the digging of drainage trenches. Our experts are experienced at trenching rural, industrial or residential properties in Darwin with excellent results for a long time. Give us a dial for a site assessment and free quote today.

FAQs Section

How much does Landscaping Cost?

Landscaping can cost anything from a few hundred bucks for a garden refresh or mulching to thousands of dollars for a professional landscaper to assess and create a design for your property and construct beautiful features and luxurious entertaining areas. We have something for everyone. We use industry leading planning and budgeting skills to ensure your landscaping ideas are met without breaking the bank. Taking expert advice early, can save you serious money in the long run.

What are the risks associated with excavating?

Excavation and earthworks Darwin is a hazardous occupation if proper safety protocols are not abided by. Anything can happen from cave-ins to falling loads, the injury of staff, hitting utility lines and damaging neighboring properties. Darwin Excavations uses the latest technology and always adheres to strict safety measures prior, during and after the project to prevent disasters before they happen.

How can you find a reputable excavation company?

All reputable companies have the proper certifications, frequently serviced equipment, highly trained professionals and proof of service excellence. As our clients will tell you, Darwin Excavations has a long history and positive working relationship with the people of Darwin, NT. Call and speak to our excavation contractor to address any excavation queries or concerns today.

What happens to the waste and debris after excavation?

Our excavators will perform a site clean up after any excavation or demolition project. As an environmentally conscious excavation company we make use of proper waste management systems when disposing of rubble and debris. We will sort and organize the waste into its main components so that the waste can be recycled into new products. Sand, concrete and asphalt can all be recycled into new materials. 

What happens if it rains during the excavation or demolition?

We take every precaution possible before any demolition or excavation can begin. However sometimes things are out of our control. Rain and storms can occur despite weather pattern predictions. Our experts will decide on the dangers of continuing with the project. We may decide to put the project on hold and place tarps over the construction site until the rain subsides.

Should I notify the neighboring property owners prior to a demolition or excavation?

Yes. It is advisable to notify neighboring property owners that you are conducting a demolition or excavation on your property so that our team can check for running cable and pipe lines as well as assess if the project will affect the structural integrity of the area. It is also advisable to make the neighbours aware that construction will be going on and that sound and dust clouds will occur.

Affordable Rates

Darwin Excavations has the best excavation Melbourne has to offer. Where else can you find quality workmanship matched with unbeatable prices? We offer a comprehensive range of services making us your one stop shop for all your excavation and demolition requirements. We do everything from site cuts to home demolitions as well as site prep and rubble removal.

small bulldozer machine removing soil

We will go underground to dig your foundations, trenches and conduct basement excavations. Our team will assist with landscaping taking care of everything from pool removal, pool excavations as well as post hole digging for your car port and garden features. We have all the necessary equipment ready for hire for all your earthmoving needs. We take on commercial and residential projects as well as large industrial jobs and civil works. Safety is our number one priority with all our clients. You can rest easy and trust us for a job well done. Our team will keep you informed every step of the way. Are you ready to start your project? Give us a call for a site assessment and an obligation free quote today.

excavation machine operator site prep
excavation machines lined up soil removal